I recently worked with Mary to achieve more clarity around the direction of my business and also in relation to some family issues that needed to be worked through. What impressed me about Mary is that she is so well prepared for each session and she does an amazing follow up, so that I had notes from my session and the steps I had to take for the weeks ahead were set out.  

You are working through a lot of information in a session and to have this come back to you in a written form, means you don't miss anything.  She puts the emphasis on me, as the client, to do the necessary work, and will challenge me on my statements at times. By explaining my statement, I can see easily which are opinions I've been telling myself and which are actual facts.   I found the daily boost exercise really helpful and her exercises can be easily brought into simple routines that support and uplift you.   Mary works with intelligence, professionalism, humour and a real empathy with people to help them become their best selves. I would highly recommend her services. 

Mary has helped me immensely in such a short space of time. All aspects of my life have improved after just 4 sessions with her. She is very intuitive and knows just the right way to help in each situation.   I have found the resources she provides after each session a great way to stay focused. I highly recommend Mary - she has helped me find the real me again - although now a more confident, happy and assertive version!

Marketing Co-Ordinator, Expandasign NZ

Mary coached me a few years ago, when I was thinking about the evolution of my career. This proved to be very efficient although Mary was in New Zealand and me in ... Belgium.

We worked via Skype and it was plain sailing. I had done face-to-face coaching in the past and really, Skype was not an issue. What matters is the content of the discussion and on this Mary was very good. Better have a good coach at the other side of the planet, than an average one in front of you.


A video Skype session with Mary is as simple as finding yourself a quiet, private place with an internet/Wi-Fi connection. Other than being in different locations the session runs as usual with the added benefits to me of time saving and convenience.

It has been interesting to see the difference in the staff you have been working with.  I have noticed a big improvement in their team approach, their motivation levels and generally seeing them really striving for improvement in their time management. 

From a business perspective your programme has offered our company the opportunity to have staff attend and work willingly on a programme where they work on areas we have identified and discussed with them.

Director, Sun Media