Mary Parker is the Fast Track Coach

I’m an intuitive life coach, clarity coach and “game-changer” mentor.  I have a strong faith and can coach from a Christian perspective if this relates to you.  My clients find my direct style of coaching helps them cut through layers of patterns and conditioning beliefs so they can quickly reach the core issues causing distress or discomfort.


I draw on the integrity – the vital wholeness – of my clients, and work with them to uncover and appreciate the real genius within, that may have been squashed by years of neglect. 

I guide clients to tune into that genius, to reach a place of balance, so they can once again take charge of their life and grow. 

Everyone takes a different route to reach this point and for that reason, I do not follow a pre-determined ‘success’ model in my coaching. Instead I use a programme that is created specifically for each client and encourages them to direct the coaching session into areas of most significance for them when we meet.

Mary's Story

For 13 years I worked in Europe as part of an international community, teaching and running workshops, and providing one-on-one mentoring. Until 2002 I had never heard of ‘coaching’ as a concept, yet this was the type of work I had been involved with for many years.

I returned to Tauranga to become a qualified life coach through CoachU (Link, and in 2003 established my business. For the last 15 years I have built a steady clientele in Tauranga, as well as working with clients in other cities and countries via Skype.

In my work, I am a foundation builder. I intuitively see the blocks and barriers people put in their way which prevent them from moving forward. By pushing through the barriers and understanding their true essence, I guide people to find clarity around what they want so they can strengthen their foundations and grow.