Strengthening relationships – relationship coaching for couples

No matter how long you’ve been together, relationships need practice! Just as music or sports practice helps us to maintain and improve our skills, the same goes for relationship practice – it doesn’t ever stop!

When couples notice stress points creeping into their relationship, it’s often because they have stopped practising ‘togetherness’, and soon find it easier to operate solo. We’re all individuals, and having time away from each other is healthy…as long as you know how to come back to togetherness.

And here’s the best part – relationship practice can be very easy. Most of the time, we simply need to practise thinking about our partner’s wants and needs, and not just our own.

Niggles may start to arise in a relationship when:

  • both partners’ wants and needs are not recognised
  • one partner begins to experience blame, criticism, or contempt from the other
  • togetherness and trust give way to excuses and lies
  • communication becomes difficult.

Get to a better place in your relationship

Relationship coaching helps couples who want to reach a better place in their relationship. I’ll ask questions to find out what you both want. It’s surprising how this brings clarity to both partners, especially when these thoughts have never been shared before.

We’ll talk through issues, help both partners see different points of view, and find ways for you to practise listening to each other.

Safe, non-judgemental, non-confrontational environment

I offer a place where both partners can talk freely. In coaching sessions, everyone comes in with valid points and I encourage both partners to express their thoughts without fear of judgement or confrontation. I never take sides.

Coaching for one partner

Sometimes I will see just one partner and not the other, and this can often sort the issue speedily. In some situations, one person’s behaviour can irritate their partner and cause a breakdown in communication. When the person becomes aware and changes their behaviour, it can have a positive impact on their partner, who then becomes more open and communicative.

How long does coaching take?

I have a direct style of coaching, which means we quickly reach the core issues causing distress or discomfort. We then find the best ‘tools’ for each partner to practise in the relationship. This can take a single session; for others – three or more sessions may be needed.

‘Tools’ include new ideas to try, different perspectives to consider, or new ways to approach a situation, such as:

  • changing your choice of language – from negative to positive
  • building awareness of your tone of voice – e.g. from mocking or sarcastic to respectful
  • understanding how your behaviour makes your partner feel
  • opening up and sharing your wants and needs equally
  • recognising each other’s love language

Your relationship is worth the practice!