Coaching in other cities and countries – online coaching with Skype

My clients include people from different countries and continents, and Skype proves to be a very effective way of managing distance coaching.

Skype coaching is as effective as coaching in person and the process is no different. In fact, online coaching can be more effective because there are sometimes fewer disruptions. 

I find out what you want and where you’re headed and then work with you to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from getting there. Conversation is all that’s required.  

Two things are helpful to getting the most out of each session:

  • The client is in a quiet space and won’t be disturbed.
  • The client is fully present during the coaching sessions.

What are the differences with online coaching? 

Apart from varied time zones, mostly there aren’t any differences. I’m reasonably flexible in when I’m able to coach so together we’ll work out the most suitable times and try to avoid being online at 3 in the morning!

The other main difference is that we don’t get to meet in person and form a first impression. Instead, we meet and connect through our cameras. If you choose to continue with coaching you might decide to remove the camera and continue sessions just like a phone call.  Either option is fine with me.

For local Tauranga clients, I offer coaching services either online or in person.