Coaching with Mary provided me with a lot of ‘food for thought’ and inspiration for my personal and professional development. Mary’s gift of insight and her ability in being able to cut right to the heart of the matter in an empathetic manner is what makes her ‘The Fast Track Coach’. Her coaching enabled me to uncover tools and abilities I already possessed that I could utilise in different areas in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make fast and effective personal and professional progress.

Mary's USP (unique selling point) is that she pinpoints the issue directly, without being intimidating or threatening in any way. She helps de-stress the situation while supporting, encouraging and enabling her clients. This in turn allows them to see where, and how, they are stuck, so they are able to move on. 


I approached coaching with some hesitancy, subconsciously expecting to be judged and given instructions on what I should do next.  The reality was nothing like that.  Mary started with my understanding of events and asked me questions which allowed me to decide what I might like to pursue in the future.  The whole experience was a lot of fun.  

Once again many thanks for all your help.  I’m “strong” and you are a “star”.


I recently worked with Mary to achieve more clarity around the direction of my business and also in relation to some family issues that needed to be worked through. What impressed me about Mary is that she is so well prepared for each session and she does an amazing follow up, so that I had notes from my session and the steps I had to take for the weeks ahead were set out.  

You are working through a lot of information in a session and to have this come back to you in a written form, means you don't miss anything.  She puts the emphasis on me, as the client, to do the necessary work, and will challenge me on my statements at times. By explaining my statement, I can see easily which are opinions I've been telling myself and which are actual facts.   I found the daily boost exercise really helpful and her exercises can be easily brought into simple routines that support and uplift you.   Mary works with intelligence, professionalism, humour and a real empathy with people to help them become their best selves. I would highly recommend her services.