How does coaching work?

I work with my clients to uncover their genius, to take charge of their life and to grow. When roadblocks get in our way and prevent us from moving forward, it’s often a mental barrier or worn-out belief that is causing the unrest.

I look for what lies beneath the turmoil and work with my clients to uncover and appreciate the real genius within themselves that has often been squashed by years of neglect.

These are some of the areas where a coach can benefit you …

  • You want a fresh outlook on personal challenges
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You are dissatisfied with your job
  • You want help setting and achieving your goals 
  • You are transitioning to a new stage in life
  • Making decisions is difficult for you
  • You’re unsure of your next move and want more clarity
  • You would like to develop new skills

Fast Track coaching for individuals and couples:

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Coaching to deal with and manage stress, Tauranga, NZ

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Relationship coaching for couples, Tauranga, NZ

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Other Fast Track coaching services:

Coaching for work teams, Tauranga, NZ

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Online skype coaching, Tauranga, NZ

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Fast Track coaching is about discovering:

Vision and purpose – aligning these with our goals can bring more fulfilment to how we live our lives.

Beliefs – modifying unhelpful, worn-out beliefs can allow us to move forward in life.

Perspective – confidently allowing attitudes to determine a situation rather than letting a situation determine our attitudes.

Motivation or Inspiration?

When people think of coaching, they often think of motivation.  The difficulty with motivation is that it’s external.

To motivate means to 'provide with a motive - to move, impel, induce, incite'.

To inspire means to 'draw forth - elicit, arouse, become enthused, breathe life into'.

Motivation comes from the ‘outside in’ – it comes from what others tell us or what we read. Inspiration comes from the ‘inside out’ – it comes from what we learn and understand about ourselves, and once we become inspired, the shift can endure forever.

A good coach understands...

  • that everyone is capable of achievement
  • that listening is more important than talking
  • that people limit themselves through their beliefs about what is possible
  • that a person's past is no indication of their future
  • that a coach is 100% supportive
  • that a coach is not critical
  • that all coaching is 100% confidential.
  • that coaching provides a neutral, non-judgemental and safe environment