Daphne Rangitaawa

Over a period of several months the feedback I was getting from my team was very positive, considering no one was overly keen to attend “coaching sessions” or thought they could be “taught anything new”.

Comments like …

“I was a little hesitant to attend Mary's one on one sessions but I am totally converted.”

“I am better equipped to evaluate situations from other team members’ perspectives.  This has helped me appreciate others and encouraged me to contribute my strengths to the team.”

“Changes I've made have brought peace into my daily life, teaching me to set goals and break them down into achievable chunks.”

As the manager of three great individuals it was such a successful exercise to see these people working as a caring productive team and dealing with issues in a mature manner.

As a Manager it is my job to ensure I am getting value for money and in this case I strongly feel the results have been priceless.  

Thank you Mary

Central Regional Co - Ordinator
Electoral Enrolment Centre, NZ Post Limited