The coaching has been invaluable for me and I’ve been truly amazed at all the positive outcomes I have seen in my life. I have so appreciated your directness, honesty and intuitive, as well as professional, manner of coaching. I am closer to reaching my potential because of you.

Some years on since last seeing Mary for coaching (2010) I still reflect and recall those learnings from our coaching sessions together.  Mary guided and taught me how to find my own way through, and out of, some problems, troubles, and issues, and mostly she helped me find the greater good in myself.  

I had resources and learnings that I continue to apply when needed and that have helped me make sense of situations in my life’s journey. The life coaching process never felt painful or laboured and at times I had a 'Mary moment', which was fast and always gentle. I still love the pocket size learnings that I got and these are the gifts and blessings for myself and also to those I choose to share with.  

Coaching is not something I have had before so the experience was new and somewhat experimental for me.  I was at a point in my career and personal life when I felt I needed some additional help with some of the decisions I wanted to make. 

I found Mary’s approach to be just the thing I needed.  She helped me through the decision making process – helping me to find the solutions myself and assisting me with techniques to build on for the future.   She is independent, impartial and non-judgemental.  She has a cheerful, positive manner, is enthusiastic and encouraging.