Navigating through life changes – transition coaching

Do you sometimes feel you’ve lost your steering rudder, or your innate strengths and gifts seem to have taken an early retirement? Sometimes this might seem like a mid-life crisis, and it can happen at any time in our lives.

I call them transition points and they simply prompt us to take stock of where we’re at and what we’re aiming for. These transitions can be exciting and empowering, but they can also make us feel unbalanced, or trigger questions about our role in life.

Navigating through a transition may happen when:

  • we feel unsettled, or off balance, and want something different
  • a confidence crisis prevents us from taking action
  • children leave home and we question the next phase of life
  • redundancy prompts questions about what we can offer next
  • reaching a significant birthday triggers questions about achievements and wanting to try something new.

When you’re feeling stuck

If a transition point is causing you to consider or re-evaluate your next big step, transition coaching can help you reach a place of balance, clarity and peace, so you can once again take charge of your life.

Sometimes you may not know what you want, only that something needs to shift. I work with you to explore the beliefs holding you back. Clients quickly see positive changes as they start to look at issues from a new perspective and expand their awareness.

Internal inspiration on tap

When you’re motivated to look at things differently, you can transform your life. That said, my role is not simply to motivate you, because anyone can be externally motivated to make a change and then do nothing about it.

Instead, I work with you to uncover your natural talents – that genius within you – and understand what beliefs are preventing you from making those talents fly. Getting excited about ‘you’ is the strongest internal motivator on offer and will provide a constant source of inspiration when you need it.